Hakone is a national park created by volcanos.
Due to a local increase in volanic activity access
to some area of Hakone has been rectricted.

Our Ryokan is located far away from the volcano
and it is not affected by the recent activity.

We look forward to seeing you

Thank you for ldroppng by the homepage of our ryokan.
Our ryokan is located in Hakone.
Hakone is a well-know national park in Japan
Many overseas tourists visit from old days,
and it is located just a stretch away from Tokyo.
The charm of Hakone is an abundant hot spring
and the traditional beauty of Japan.
OurhRyokan" comprises both.

hHakone Tokinoshizuku h is quiet among forest and water.
Pamper yourself by spending a quiet time in our ryokan.

With hTokinoshizuku h
From passage of time
Let the day be a special one for you.
Our ryokan was named from this wish.

We guarantee your stay with us to be a special one for you.

\Guest rooms\
hHakone@Tokinoshizuku h is a modern inn in harmony
with the traditional beauty of Japan.
There are Japanese traditional tatami mat
and shoji in all guest rooms

You can feel shade of the forest through shoji.
Futon which you can relax on the tatami mat
and Italian mattress.

In all guest rooms,
there is a "Rotenburo"(outdoor bath)
where you can relax in a naturally flowing hot spring water.
Bathtub and bathroom is made from hinoki wood.
With a constantly flowing hot spring water source flowing into the tub,
you can enjoy bathing in the hot spring exclusive to your room
during your stay at our Ryokan.

We have 8 rooms.(6 room types)


-------Premier Suite ----------

y301:Beaunez(capacity of 4 people)

This room blends Japanese and Western style.
(Size 118 u).
The best point of this room are the large windows.
Take pleasure in the view of gorgeous valley
and trees through it.
You can enjoy the Japanese culture of warming yourself
in "kotatsu" in winter.
We set two futons on the Japanese Ryukyu tatami
in the bedroom..

Premier Suite is available in 41,190yen (including tax) per person.

---- Standard Suite --------

y501FPommardzy601:Sancerrez(capacity of 2 people)
This room is a blend of tern style.(Size 65u)
From the room
you can see the beautiful mountains and valleys.
We set two futons on the Japanese Ryukyu tatami
in the bedroom.

y502FChinonzy602:Meursaultz(capacity of 2 people)
This room blends Japanese and Western style.
(Size 74 u).
This is a corner room from
where beautiful valleys and trees can be enjoyed
through the window.
We set two futons on the Japanese Ryukyu tatami
in the bedroom.

y503FMusignyz(capacity of 2 people)
This room blends Japanese and Western style.
(Size 63u ).
Enjoy the view of beautiful trees
through the window.
Only in the Standard Suite,
there is a large balcony .
Relax yourself on the reclining chair in the balcony..

Standard Suite is available in 34,710yen (including tax) per person

------- Premier Suite ----------

y603FLa tachez(capacity of 2 people)

This room blends Japanese and Western style.
(87 u).
This is the only room in our Ryokan
which separates bedroom and living room
from each other.
Enjoy the scenic beauty of the greenery
through the window.
We set two futons on the Japanese Ryukyu tatami
in the bedroom.

Premier Suite is available in 39,030yen (including tax) per person.

-------- Grand Suite --------------

y605FLa Romaneez(capacity of 4 people)

This room is 200 u.@
The best point of this room is the open-air bath
on the open deck.
Savor the beautiful valley,
and spend a luxurious time.
There is an indoor bathroom too.
Experience Japanese culture by warming yourself
in a Kotatsu in winter at the Japanese style room.
A fireplace is in the living room. .

Grand Suite is available in 51,990yen (including tax) per person.
In your room,
your room attendant serves champagne,
Japanese-style confectionary and a warm hand towel.
The attendant will guide you on the ryokan's facilities
and instructs you on how to wear "Yukata"..

Our yukata expert designed the Yukata.
Yukata is for relaxing
and another clothes (called "Samue") is
for sleeping.
You can easily wear it even for the first time.

The Yukata for sleeping doesnft tighten
around your body,
letting you have a good night sleep.
You can wake up with a refreshed feeling.
Inside the ryokan,
change into "Yukata" and "Tabi"
and make yourself at home."".


Hakone is located near the ocean
to the east and west.
We have fresh fish direct from the nearby fishing port.
Vegetables arrive from the well-know Tsukiji market
in Tokyo.

We serve seasonal food in Kaiseki style.
Based on sea food,
let your palate and eyes feast on a delicious dinner
served on exquisite tableware.
We prepare the dishes in a way to
let you savor the flavor itself.
We recommend rice cooked with abalone
and home made "Japanese Soba" noodles.
Sure to satisfy your taste

Dinner menu(EX) Drink menu(EX)

*Our Ryokan grows Japanese Soba
in Yatsugatake in Nagano Prefecture.
It is planted at the beginning of July,
and harvested in November.
Concierge makes soba,
from 100% buckwheat flour also known
as Juwari soba or Towari soba.

Japanese style course will be served at Main dining room (4th floor)
gSalle a Manger Elevageh.
Dinner starts at 6:00pm.m.

Our Ryokan proudly presents you
with gV Tenkuh.
A Japanese sake, brewed carefully and slowly.
We also have an array of
jun-mai sake (organic sake),
shochu and wine.

gV Tenkuh


Breakfast is western style.
Classical egg benedict,
Homemade Yogurt (two types honey),
Green salad,
Cream soup of broccoli and Fennel,
Juice, Milk, Tea or Coffee.

Classical egg benedict is topped with smoked bacon
(smoked by cherry blossom tree chips in site).
Homemade Hollandaise sauce, paprika and pickles.
Enjoy homemade apple dressing
or anchovy on your babyleaf green salad.
Choose from tea or coffee.
We highly recommend coffee,
because the concierge roasts coffee beans at our ryokan.
Guaranteed to satisfy your taste..

Breakfast menu(EX)

Please choose the breakfast place from 2 places.
*Western style breakfast at Main dining room
gSalle a Manger Elevageh
or your room.
Please choose the time between
8:30am, 9:00am or 9:30am .
In case of breakfast in your room,
we start setting the table for your breakfast,
30 minutes before eating.
Please choose the time
between 8:30am, 9:00am or 9:30am .

|Public Bath|

We can prepare towls for you.
You don't need to bring the towls from your room.

There are four beautiful seasons in Japan.
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
Come to our ryokan to heal your everyday fatigue.
Let the exquisite beauty of the four season
take you on an ultimate journey.
In it lies the beauty of Japanese tradition
and culture and from this, we have named "Shiki No Yu Zashiki".

Shiki-No@EEFeel four seasons
Yu@EE@Hot spring
Zashiki@EE@Traditional Japanese culture


Men's indoor bathroom "Tangono-yu",
and open air bath"Jyakotuno-yu(Rotenburo)"
*There are Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap,
Aftershave lotion, Hair amenities,,
Cotton buds, Dryer and Brushes.

Women's indoor bathroom "Hinano-yu",
and open air bath "Kozueno-yu(Rotenburo)"
*There are Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap,
Face lotion, Milky lotion, Make-up remover,
Cotton buds, Cotton, Shower caps and Dryer
Hours 3:00pm to 0:00am and 6:30am to 10:00am
Place: Musashino Bekkan
(no charge)

\Relaxation roomiYoi-zuki-teij\
On the way to the hot spring, there is a relaxation room
Please use this room when waiting for each other.
You can spend a leisurely time Japanese style,
while looking at the beauty of bamboo trees on site.

We serve our original blended tea.
We are stocked with a variety of Japanese Sake
and draft beer which can also be delivered to your room.

You can have a homemade noodle soup from
10:00pm to 11:30pm (closes at midnight).

Expenses can be charged to your room.

Yakuzen Yasou-cha "SARARI" tea
has a refreshing taste and the aroma deepens
as you gradually brew it.
Steam it in a tea pot and enjoy the deep taste.

----------Aromatherapy treatment-------------

Cocoshnik Aroma Salon

Counselling is done by an expert
on face and body.
The aesthetician checks your physical condition
and your mental state of the day.
There are 20 kinds of essential oil and 5 kinds of base oil
to choose from depending on your need.
Guaranteed to relax your mind and body.
All course is 90 minutes.
Detox your body and let the buildup of everyday fatigue go.

-------------Library (accessible in Wi-Fi)------------------
We have a library called "Terroir"
on the 6th floor.
You can appreciate CDs, books, collection of photos
which can be brought to your room.

Accessible in Wi-Fi of transmission rate 300Mbps(Max)

--------Souvenir shop---------

There is a Souvenir shop
"Hanaburumai" at Annex Musashino Ryokan.
Drop by our souvenir shop for a memory of your trip.
We have homemade plum liquor
and succulent pickled plum.

On a clear day, it's a great place to see Mt. Fuji
from the mountain where our ryokan is built on!!
Please enjoy the majestic view of Mt.Fuji
Please click on Channel 11 of your room TV.


It is transportationEEE

From Tokyo.
It takes 40 minutes from Tokyo station
to Odawara station by Shinkansen Kodama
Take the Hakone Tozan railway
from Odawara station to Hakone-yumoto station
about 20 minutes.
Change to HakoneTozan railway
at Hakone-Yumoto station for Miyanoshita Station.

It takes 25 minutes
from Hakone-Yumoto station to Miyanoshita Station

Please call us when you arrive at Miyanoshita station
We will pick you up at Miyanoshita station
in 5 minutes.
Our ryokan phone number is


``@Please Make reservation from hear@@`


*Cancel charge will be incurred from 3 days ago.
*You can cancel without paying any cancellation fee
until 3days before the reservation date.

[Hakone Tokino Shizuku]
416 Miyanoshita, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun,
Kanagawa 250-0404, Japan
Check in 3:00pm / Check out 12:00pm

Contact usEEEEEE